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    Jamie Patrick Oates
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    My Projects &
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So Who Is Jamie Oates ?

To find out who Jamie Oates is you will have to read the about page, but maybe you want to know what I can do for you, in that case you will need to visit the services page.

Who Am I ? What I Can Do For You ?

If You Know Who I Am...

Then maybe you want you want to learn something new, or check out my Portfolio.

My Blog Check Out My Portfolio

Project Management

Over the last 18 years I have managed many projects, from IT Infrastructure Deployment to Web Business and Training Management.

Web Development and SEO

Over 100 websites and platforms created to date, from single landing pages to fully fledged management platforms complete with SEO.

Training Creation

With over 10 years Training and Management experience, from One on One to Classroom with groups of 10 or more including training media!

Maybe I can help you!

I have the skills you are looking for, for your next project! Not ony can I create the platform you need but I can also help you in many other ways, providing you the advice and support you need to launch your new business.

View Pages

Some of my Web Creations...

Check out some of the websites I have created over the years or visit my portfolio page to view a list of some of the projects I have created and worked on.

Standard Mobile Options

Most of the websites and management platforms I have designed and developed include Mobile and Tablet compatibility as standard, as it realy is an important factore of any business today.
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Test Tablet Test Mobile
Mobile and Tablet Compatible Websites

What people say about Me

  • I have hired Jamie Oates time and time again over the last 5 years, each time he has delivered exactly what we wanted and needed for our online business to succeed. He is the most helpful person I have met so far and very understanding, thanks Jamie your the best and I look forward to the next project! ”

    Chris Hacket, Compaxit

  • Jamie Oates has been working with more for some time now on our various web projects, he has created us many websites for our online business's and delivered top quality every time. We also had various custom requirements for some already established website which he helped with a great deal. I look forward to each conversation I have with him as he is ever so helpful! ”

    David Case, HodaModa LLC

  • I only had an idea and wanted to create an online business with it, Jamie not only designed and developed me some wonderful websites for us but also helped putting everything into place. He also provided us with great SEO advice and social guide lines to improve our business venture online. We then had a requirement for a custom platform to manage multiple website and all properties including client and customer data, the platform he built us is amazing and so functional, I love it! ”

    Barry Harper, PureGlobalProperties Ltd

  • We needed a new website design and development for our Cancer related website, contacting Jamie he was very polite at all times and as professional as one can be. He provided us with an amazing website which is very engaging and up-to date with the latest online tech. ”

    Mark Pericilis, PatientHairCare