Get To Know Me

Get To Know Me

Who Am I, What I Have Done & What Do I do

Hello and Welcome to this page which is all about myself :) So if you don't know me I will be happy to introduce myself. My name is Jamie Oates and I currently live in sunny Portugal, where I work from home as a Freelancer. My nationality is British and German, I also speak both languages fluently. I have lived in most European countries since I was brought into this world by my loving parents.
I attended some English schools in the first few years and finalised the last few years in a German high school. During high school we were coding in C which was one of my favourite classes. Since then I have been an avid geek always wanting to know more about the Technology of today.
It did take me a few years before I started working in IT, after some college plenty of little jobs and further study I managed to land myself a 2nd level technical support job with a great company in Bournemouth, UK. This did allow me to follow my passion further and learn much more about the various devices available on the mobile and IT market, providing support for various issues I started to think of various solutions to help improve the support provided and the customer experience. After some time I had developed an Error Code tool with two other colleagues which was designed top provide agents a solution to the error message received on various mobile devices.
This was a great success and only advanced my status with the company allowing me to further work on various projects in and out of the company premises. The next large project I worked on was a game changer for myself and also the company as I had created a complete study and learning platform which was HTML web based for agents to train and learn on. This included various tools and questionnaires to improve the agents performance and study capabilities. Again I had another project winner on my hands which had elevated my status further.
Within 6 months of working with this company I was promoted twice and was also contract lead for one of the largest companies we were supporting. This of course allowed me to progress much further, and being more down my ally I was also more pleased not having to support mobile phones but laptops and wireless networks instead.
It didn’t take very long to turn things around for the company, being contract lead I managed to increase the amount of calls received by the company and ensure the contact for another few years. This didn’t last very long thou as the company had caught on and wanted to take me on to work with them in Switzerland, of course such an offer was very difficult to refuse and with large increase in gallery it was a no briner. So off I moved to the snowy mountains of Switzerland to enjoy a new life and company.
Once I had started with the new company in Switzerland I began right away starting a new project, well more like a re-incarnation of. The new company I was working for was interested in me building a new support platform for all their 1st and 2nd line agents which were all out sourced to other companies. None of these companies had their own working support training platform and we were going to make them one for agents to be able to support and train on laptops, wireless devices including access points, switches and access controlers. So I went ahead and created an entire support and training platform using HTML, CSS and JavaScript which was also completed within a few months and sent to all our partners. I also created all the hotel documentation and support files to help our customers in hotels around Europe.
Just 6 months down the line I was asked if I would be interested in becoming the company trainer and moving to the new Portugal Office, where I was to train all staff, including management, team leaders and agents. I was also to create a new in house training platform and write all content required. Of course again I couldn’t refuse such a great opportunity....
Of course at this time I knew that being a trainer was possibly a bad employment move as I had seen so many trainers in the last years come and go from various companies, it seemed to be the one position which was never stable within a company. Still I accepted knowing I would have a short shelf life. Moving to Portugal was the next step in my life, where I also met my now loving wife, my two dogs or monsters as I like to call them.
I continued on with the same company for the next 5 years, creating various platforms for in house use and hundreds of technical guides and documentation.
Today I work from home, I am a Freelancer for those who need one. I work with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, I also create trainings and guides. My passion remains the same, anything that’s Geek I love it, I love to code, I love to support and help others find their Geek within them. If you are looking for a Geek then maybe you have found the most dedicated and helpful one of them all!

My Skills and Abilities

Administration 97%

Planning 100%

Presentation 99%

Management 95%

Design 88%

Development 95%

Training 96%

Support 99%

My Main Skills

Database MySQL 92%

Coding HTML PHP CSS 96%

Graphics Adobe 85%

OS Applications 93%

Office Microsoft 86%

Media Creation Training 99%

I Manage Projects

Need help to manage that difficult and time consuming project, Share your Dream and lets work together!

I Create Websites

Looking for a new website for your business or product then I can help you developing the site your business needs!

I Create Web Platforms

How about a powerful web application to manage your business in house or in the Cloud, with simplicity and functionality in mind!

I Provide Administration

Not to worry, I can also administrate your web-server and setup your website or web platform, I can also provide hosting with personal support!

I Provide Training

Even if you want to learn it yourself, then I would be happy to show you how and if not then not to worry I can do it for you!

I Provide Support

And don't worry if we haven't worked together for a while, I will still support you and your business anytime in the Future!

Projects Managed

Websites Built


Client Satisfaction

Hours Trained

What people say about Me

  • I have hired Jamie Oates time and time again over the last 5 years, each time he has delivered exactly what we wanted and needed for our online business to succeed. He is the most helpful person I have met so far and very understanding, thanks Jamie your the best and I look forward to the next project! ”

    Chris Hacket, Compaxit

  • Jamie Oates has been working with more for some time now on our various web projects, he has created us many websites for our online business's and delivered top quality every time. We also had various custom requirements for some already established website which he helped with a great deal. I look forward to each conversation I have with him as he is ever so helpful! ”

    David Case, HodaModa LLC

  • I only had an idea and wanted to create an online business with it, Jamie not only designed and developed me some wonderful websites for us but also helped putting everything into place. He also provided us with great SEO advice and social guide lines to improve our business venture online. We then had a requirement for a custom platform to manage multiple website and all properties including client and customer data, the platform he built us is amazing and so functional, I love it! ”

    Barry Harper, PureGlobalProperties Ltd

  • We needed a new website design and development for our Cancer related website, contacting Jamie he was very polite at all times and as professional as one can be. He provided us with an amazing website which is very engaging and up-to date with the latest online tech. ”

    Mark Pericilis, PatientHairCare