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Project - ClubMbr Platform Management Platform

December, 2014

Project Description

ClubMbr required a platform which they could use to manage their members, memberships and events, including the ability to create on demand paperwork such as membership cards and receipts. The platform has many features which were required during initial planning, during development it was decided to add a ton of other features, this platform is massive in size and has everything a club would ever need.
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Project Details

  • Client: ClubMbr
  • Category: Development
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The club management platform was initially to be a small and simple platform to manage the names of members and their payments for a club. Eventually it turned into a full blown management platform for clubs and associations. It allows club managers to view and manage all kinds of information from club members, from payments to event attendance. Clubs can create their own membership types and manage all aspects of the back-end to suite their own club.

Some of the clubs in the area where I live approached me and asked me if I could create a platform for them to manage their clubs and members, as it is an association which does not make much money I decided to create this for them and sell access online.

The website is online and the management platform has recently received a new make over with further additions and improvements.

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