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16 December,2014

Project Description

The Website was designed and created to work as a hub or Portal to further property websites, a custom back-end management platform was also to be created which was to manage further websites if and when needed.
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Project Details

  • Client: Barry Harper
  • Category: Development
  • Copyright: All rights reserved
  • Project URL: Visit this Website

The client required an initial website to be used as a Portal platform which was to list and display further property websites around Europe. This was to be mobile and tablet compatible and easy to update for the client. There was also the need for a custom back-end management platform which was to provide the properties for all the websites linked. This was also to provide automatic calculations for various purposes. View PurePortugalProperties for more information.

Review is located with the PurePortugalProperties portfolio page.

The websites created for this client are all available and online, I how ever have not seen anything new in the last few months so am not so sure if the client was able to drum up all the properties they wanted for this massive project. Time will tell, Good Luck Guys!

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