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Project - Pure Global Properties Ltd

Website and Property Management Platform

16 December,2014

Project Description

Pure Global Properties required a management platform which they could use to manage multiple websites and thousands of properties, this was to use multiple databases and also help manage the company. With various statistics and automatic calculations this back-end is complete in every-way.
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Project Details

  • Client: Barry Harper
  • Category: Development
  • Copyright: All rights reserved
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This management platform had some extra requirements in terms of property and sales management. To make things easier and to help the owner manage the business they wanted to have a complete and automatic calculation and sales management included. Which was also to include various reports and statistic reports so that payments and tax reports could become easier and manageable.

Also including a built in message, contact and employer platform, with various tools and website statistics all built into the dash interface.

Review is located with the PurePortugalProperties portfolio page.

The back-end management platform is not viewable, if you require more information or would like to see more images don't hesitate to get in touch.

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