Project - Pure Portugal Properties

Pure Portugal Properties Website

August, 2014

Project Description

The Pure Portugal Properties website was designed and created for the purpose of property sales, the website is managed by a custom back-end which was created to manage 10+ property websites. The site is fluid and works with any mobile or tablet device.
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Project Details

  • Client: Barry Harper
  • Category: Development
  • Copyright: All rights reserved
  • Project URL: Visit this Website

The requirements of this client were extensive thou out the course of their initial projects, to begin with I needed to create a basic template which could be used for multiple property websites and modified with ease. The website was to be modern and fluid working on of today’s devices. One mayor requirement was the build of a custom management platform which was to mange 10 or more property websites, this was also to include various tools and capabilities to calculate expenses and income on a per property and client basis.

Wow, the Administration portal is worlds apart from anything we have available online so far. A complete custom build designed for our company, we are so happy with the work Jamie has done and will continue to do for us! Oh and the site, is very nice, beyond what we expected! Great work, keep it up!

This is currently the only website provided from the PureGlobal portal, from what I understand the client will be launching further property websites in the next year. The back-end created can manage over one hundred websites with a few simple tweaks, it also provides automatic calculations of property income, client expenses and agent bonus. This was a real pleasure to build!

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