Project - SuperHotelFlight

SuperHotelFlight Website

Jan, 2015

Project Description

Mr Cooper required a website for Hotels and Flights, this was to have designated colours and banners which the client had pre created. We also had to create the Agoda account and obtain the hotel database for this client which required some modifications to work for the site and the selected database. The site is currently online and viewable.

Project Details

  • Client: Bradly Cooper
  • Category: Development
  • Copyright: All rights reserved
  • Project URL: Visit this Website

This client had specific requests concerning this website, initialy it was only to list hotels and a flight search. Once we started coding however we added a few extra features which the client was very happy with. The only difficulty with this site was the 200mb database of hotels which had to be modified and uploaded to the MySql database.

Jamie did an amazing job with this website, it totaly blew my mind the first time I seen it. Much better than I had ever imagined! I was even more so pleased to find that Jamie went above and beyond for my business, helping me all the way makign sure that everything was in place ready for the site launch. Ever so happy!

The site seems to ba having some issues at the moment due to changes with Agoda and their hotel links, this is currently under review as new accounts need to be created and possibly a new database setup for the current listed hotels. More to follow once I have found out how the client wants to proceed with this website.

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